Flag Ponds Nature Park

Park Hours: 

Regular hours go into effect Sept. 5.
The park is closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Monday and Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Beach and entrance gate close 1 hour prior to park closing.

Please refer to the park rules and regulations.

NOTICE: No walk-ins allowed when park entrance gate is closed.

CAUTION: Enter the address 1525 Flag Ponds Parkway, Lusby into your GPS. Otherwise you'll end up on private property! 

Plan ahead for capacity closures. During periods of high visitation, when the park’s capacity is reached, the park will be closed and traffic will be turned away from the park entrance.

Public Beach Advisories

The Calvert County Health Department conducts routine water samplings of the county’s public bathing beaches from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Before you head to the beach this summer, check for advisories by visiting the health department online.

Call Calvert County Environmental Health 410-535-3922 or 301-855-1557 or visit www.calverthealth.org

Entrance Fees

The entrance fee (or annual pass) is per vehicle. 

New fees Effective January 1, 2023

January through March: $5.00 for in-county resident or non-resident.
April through October: $5.00 for in-county residents, $15.00 for non-residents
November through December: $5.00 for in-county resident or non-resident.
Bike/Walk-in: $2 per person
Bus: $40 for in-county group or $60 for non-county group.
Annual Park Pass: $30 for in-county residents, $50 for non-residents. Vehicle registration is required for annual pass holders. $10 for additional pass registered for the same household.

Military discounts available.

UPDATE: Electronic payments are now accepted at the Park. We still accept cash, exact change appreciated. There is no ATM available.

Chesapeake Bay Beaches and Calvert Cliffs

For hundreds of years the forces of nature have reshaped the Chesapeake Bay shoreline of Flag Ponds Nature Park, creating a remarkable variety of natural environments--from sandy beach, to freshwater ponds, to the forested heights of Calvert Cliffs. Today, nature continues to play with the sand, changing the park’s landscape with each tide, each storm, each season.

Fossil Hunting and Beach Combing

Millions of years ago, sharks, whales, crocodiles and other creatures inhabited the waters and shores of this area. Most of these animals are now extinct, others are just no longer found here. To the sharp-eyed visitor, sharks teeth and other Miocene fossils may be found along the park’s shoreline.

Check the Tide Tables for Long Beach

Hiking and Exploration

A short, half-mile hike brings you to the sandy beach or you may take longer trail routes that allow you to experience the beauty of the park. Additionally there are observation platforms at two ponds and on the Chesapeake Bay and a visitor’s center with wildlife displays.

A Part of Maryland’s History

From the early 1900’s until 1955 the area was a sheltered harbor on the Chesapeake Bay supporting a major "pound net" fishery supplying croaker, trout and herring to markets as far away as Baltimore. At one time, three shanties housed fishermen during the main fishing season. Known as "Buoy Hotel", the last surviving shanty was destroyed by arson in October 2012. It was rebuilt in 2015 and visitors can look inside to see a recreation of how these fishermen lived.

Public Deer Hunting will open in mid-December for bow-hunting only. Specific information about hunting at Flag Ponds Nature Park can be found on the Calvert Parks website.

To make a reservation contact the State Department of Natural Resources Southern Region Public Hunting Permit and Reservation System online or by phone at the Myrtle Grove office at 301-743-5161. 

Living Shoreline Project Updates

Flag Ponds Nature Park is Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network partner.