Record of Court Proceedings 

Proceedings  before the court are recorded electronically, and most are recorded by a court reporter. Transcripts of proceedings before either a judge or magistrate are available through a court reporter. The cost of a transcript depends on the type of record and the number of pages in the final typed transcript. Recordings of court proceedings in any format are not available.  

How to Order a Transcript of a Hearing or Trial 

To order a transcript, you will need the case number, date(s) of the proceeding you want transcribed, and if possible, the judge's or magistrate's name and courtroom number. Complete and submit the appropriate order form as directed below. Forms are available online or from the court reporter coordinator.  If you need to speak to the court reporter coordinator, please see contact information below.

If you are appealing from the circuit court to the Court of Appeals or Court of Special Appeals, you should complete the Transcript Order for Appeal form.

If you need a transcript for any other reason, complete the Transcript Order for Non-Appeal Transcripts.

Paying for Your Transcript  

A court reporter coordinator will provide an estimate in advance, but will not know the final cost until the transcript is completed. Payment in full based on the estimate is due upon placing an order. Any additional costs beyond the initial payment shall be paid prior to delivery of the transcript. Any overages will be refunded upon delivery of the transcript.   

Office of the Court Reporter Coordinator

Mailing Address:  Court Reporter Coordinator

                            175 Main Street

                             Prince Frederick, MD  20678

Telephone:           410-535-1600, ext. 2419