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Transcript Order for Appeal / Non-Appeal Request Form

  1. Instructions
    Pursuant to Maryland Rule 8‐411 (b), time for ordering. The appellant shall order the date transcript within ten days or five days in child in need of assistance cases after: (1) the of an order entered pursuant to rule 8‐206 (a) (1) that the appeal proceed without a prehearing conference, or an order entered pursuant to rule 8‐206 (d) following a prehearing conference, unless a different time is fixed by that order, in all civil actions specified in rule 8‐205 (a), or (2) the date the first notice of appeal is filed in all other actions.
  2. Finalizing this Order
    To finalize this order, you must talk with a court reporter about the estimated costs and delivery dates. This order is not final and transcriptions of proceedings will not be started until all deposits requested are received. You will be contacted by the Office of the Court Reporters with regard to deposits and available delivery dates. Balances are due prior to delivery of any transcripts.
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  4. Case Information:
  5. Regular delivery is 21 - 28+ business days. Expedited transcripts are available upon request for an additional expedited fee.
  6. Place a check mark next to that which you are requesting. If you are requesting a transcript, indicate whether you need the transcript for an appeal.
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