What is VINE?
VINE stands for Victim Information and Notification Every day. VINE's purpose is to assist crime victims and other concerned persons by providing continual access to inmate custody and case information via the telephone.

This 24-hour information hotline allows crime victims to verify the custody status of an inmate and automatically notifies registered users if the inmate has a change in custody or case status (court information if applicable).

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1. What is VINE?
2. When was VINE developed?
3. How does VINE work?
4. Does the VINE Program monitor all inmates?
5. Who can use the VINE Service?
6. How will the citizens of our community learn about the VINE service?
7. What should I tell victims about VINE?
8. What if the inmate is released outside of regular business hours, for example midnight on a Sunday?
9. What if the inmate is transferred out of the custody of a participating institution but is still incarcerated?
10. What if I need help?