Facts and Figures

Listed are links to substance abuse data gathered by various agencies.

State of Maryland

Maryland Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) was created with the merger of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration (ADAA) and Mental Hygiene Administration (MHA). Data and information regarding local overdose deaths can be found on the BHA website.



  • Maryland Youth Tobacco and Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) is an on-site survey of students in Maryland middle and high schools, focusing on tobacco-use prevalence and other health-related behaviors among Maryland youth. The survey started in 2000 and is conducted every two years
  • 2013 marked the first year the Youth Risk Behavior Survey provided county specific data as it relates to alcohol and drug use. To access the data go to the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) website. County specific data can be found on the Maryland Department of Health website.

Law Enforcement

  • A coalition of nearly two dozen state and local agencies launched the Maryland Drug Early Warning System (DEWS) in 1998 to better detect and monitor substance abuse trends across the state. To view regional drug information about Calvert County, go to the Center for Substance Abuse Research(CESAR) website.
  • Drug Intelligence Coordinator, Calvert County Sheriff's Office - collects Calvert County overdose information and provides weekly reports to partner agencies.  The data assists in tracking  trends and gaps in services to assist local agencies in developing outreach and programing to help those with a substance use disorder and their families. 
  • Offender Population Urine Screening (OPUS) provides insight into emerging drug trends among juvenile offenders in Maryland. These prior drug patterns may not be typical of the general youth population.