Citizen & Internal Complaints

Annual Reports of Citizen & Internal Complaints

2023 Citizen and Internal Complaints

Case Number
Action Taken
PSR 23-01Inappropriate Touching/Played Vulgar MusicExonerated/Non-Sust.N/A
PSR 23-02Deputy Veered Into Lane of TrafficNon-SustainedN/A
PSR 23-03 Abuse of Power/Vio of Rights/Force ComplaintExoneratedN/A
PSR 23-04 Rude & Discourteous/Fail to Perform DutyExoneratedN/A
PSR 23-05Fail to Remove Subj. from HomeExoneratedN/A
PSR 23-06Unauth. Traffic Stop and Use of Emerg. EquipmentExoneratedN/A
PSR 23-07Didn't Check Car Safety SeatAdministratively Closed Training
PSR 23-08SpeedingSustained2 Days Loss of Leave
PSR 23-09Use of Cell Phone While Driving/Swerved into Ln. of TraffExonerated/Non Sust.N/A
PSR 23-10 Fail to Acitvate BWC/Fail to Conduct Proper Traffic StopSustainedWritten Counseling
PSR 23-11 Didn't Think He Should Have been ChargedExoneratedN/A
PSR 23-12Deputies Didn't Do Anything/Targeted RaceExoneratedN/A
PSR 23-13HarassmentExoneratedN/A
PSR 23-14 Assault/Abuse of AuthorityExoneratedN/A
PSR 23-15 Called Complainant a Low LifeNon-SustainedN/A
PSR 23-16 Deputies Didn't Handle Call to Comp. LikingExoneratedN/A
PSR 23-17 Force Complaint ExoneratedWritten Counseling - BWC Violation
PSR 23-18 Thinks Deputy Took a Bribe Due to Comment on Venmo PaymentUnfoundedN/A
PSR 23-19 Abusive languageSustainedLetter of Reprimand
PSR 23-20 Force Complaint, Discourteous, and Fail to Perform DutyExoneratedN/A
PSR 23-21 Rude & DiscourteousWithdrew ComplaintN/A
PSR 23-22 Tailgating / Flashing High BeamsAdministratively Closed Training
PSR 23-23Going to Complainants House to Meet with Wife ExoneratedN/A
PSR 23-24Deputy Cut Complainant Off while Attempting to Stop TruckNon-SustainedTraining
PSR 23-25 Complainant Felt Deputy was Intimidating Non-SustainedReview and Meeting with Deputy
PSR 23-26 Deputy Yelled and Hollered and was Too DramaticMediationN/A
PSR 23-27 Improper SearchExoneratedN/A
Case numberComplaintFindingAction Taken
IC 23-01Fishing While On-DutySustainedWritten Reprimand/Counseling Form
IC 23-02Failed to have Vehicle ServicedSustainedWritten Reprimand
IC 23-03Attempted BurglaryClosedTermination
IC 23-04Failed to Gather InformationCompl Wished N/F ActionN/A
IC 23-05Improper Search & Rude & DiscourteousSustainedWritten Reprimand