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CCPR Modified Services and Operating Hours:

In order to provide the best possible experience for facility patrons, the Calvert County Department of Parks & Recreation announces that it will adjust hours and services of various Parks & Recreation facilities, due to seasonal staff shortages.  If you are interested in a position with Parks and Recreation please apply at:

The following modifications are currently in effect:

Park hours will remain the same with reduced services. All parks will have limited or no staff onsite during evening events Monday through Friday, however Dunkirk District Park, Cove Point Park, Hallowing Point Park and Ward Farm Park will be fully staffed on Saturdays and Sundays.

The conditions of playing surfaces will not be serviced between events (e.g., fields will not be dragged, relined, raked, or have base settings changed). Routine maintenance at other facilities may be delayed (e.g., bathrooms cleaned, courts cleared, trash cans emptied, etc.).

  1. Overview
  2. Vision
  3. Mission

The Department of Parks & Recreation is in the business of planning, developing, implementing and professionally managing the parks, programs, policies and procedures, facilities, special events and leisure services established under the leadership of the Board of County Commissioners, County Administrator, Parks Administration, and the associated advisory boards of Calvert County.

As the Department of Parks & Recreation, we value being able to SERVE. Our values are:

  •     Sustainability - safeguard, care, preserve, conserve, efficiency, stewardship
  •     Engaged - energized, involved, positive, motivated, collaborative
  •     Respectful - appreciative, considerate, cooperative, perceptive
  •     Visionary - innovative, enthusiastic, forward-thinking, big picture
  •     Excellence - quality, integrity, ownership, transparent, accountable

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  1. Sun, Jan 29

    Clazy for You Painting Party Come and enjoy some quality time with the family w...
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  2. Mon, Jan 30

    TR Tot Swim Time This playgroup is designed for children with vario...
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  1. Mon, Jan 30

    Play & Create Children ages 1 to 5 years can enjoy free play wit...
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  2. Tue, Jan 31

    Career Exploration - Retail This free class is designed for individuals ages 1...
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Weather-Related Announcementsrain cloud and umbrella icon
For updated facility closures due to inclement weather

Please call our Weather Line number at 410-535-1600, extension 2640.

NOTE: Updates to the Weather Line are only made in the event of cancellations or delays.
Weather cancellations will be available after approximately 3 p.m. on weekdays and by 8 a.m. on weekend days if warranted.